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The end of my first walk on the Buckeye Trail

At the end of my first walk on the Buckeye Trail, on a tree was an unusual fungus. Pursuing this message, I found out that it was called a "Lion's Mane". the lion is a symbol for a variety of energies including the rising sun and the assertion of the feminine power of the sun. These feminine energies are rising. These energies give birth, nurture and warm all life. It is a a time to awaken to the rising of the new sun. It is a time to digest the prey of the lion, the antelope, who has eight times the vision of a human and absorb these energies. It is a time to come out of hiding and share the Triple Goddess Energy of Maiden,Mother,Crone as the feminine energy expands.

Continuing the first 4 mile hike on the Buckeye Trail

Deer Lick Cave to me also represents the journey into the womb of the Great Mother. The heart of the cave , Her essential love and wisdom. Living in my own heart cave is the bear, who helps me perform as a healer and nurturer of the soul. Entering  this beginning point of the 1400-mile Buckeye Trail at Deer Lick Cave reminds me that my spirit guides are with me.  I begin at the cave where the bear resides in the womb of the earth. this is where the healing powers of the bear come from. I am spiraling to a new level along with the Earth Mother. In the year 2001 I was in Wolf Creek located in Montana's Grand Canyon area.There I planted a physical seed representing my intention to follow the call from my spirit guides, letting them lead the way to my spiritual purpose in life. I planted the seed in the bottom of a cave where a 10,000 year old buffalo skull and a rock with a petroglyph of a buffalo on one side and a bear on the other was found on an altar  in the depths of the cave. There in the recesses of an echoing cave, I spoke my spirit name: Sunbreeze, Medicine Bear.  (to be continued)

Beginning the Buckeye Trail-First 4 miles

As I begin this venture, at this point I will need to backtrack whatever I hike so I can return to my parked car. This will take years, but that is ok.

October 18, 2013 Began with 4 miles on the Buckeye Trail

I was surprised to find that I planned at starting this hike at Pleasant Valley Parkway, but accidentally passed the exit and when I found a place to park, entered the path at Deer Lick Cave. Within 20 feet of stepping onto the path, I was gifted with a large woodpecker feather. The woodpecker often leaves me feathers as a reminder to follow the beat of my own drum, my own rhythm. The woodpecker is a bird connected to the heartbeat of the Mother Earth herself. The woodpecker stimulates new rhythms affecting our physical energies and also tells of riding the drumbeats into other dimensions.

The totem at the center of my heart has been the Deer (both the buck as the protector of the white light within, (the sun energy) ,and the doe as the gentlewoman who allows this energy to flow as a gentle breeze.) The balance of these two energies is important to fulfill in this lifetime. (to be continued)  

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