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Continuing the first 4 mile hike on the Buckeye Trail

Deer Lick Cave to me also represents the journey into the womb of the Great Mother. The heart of the cave , Her essential love and wisdom. Living in my own heart cave is the bear, who helps me perform as a healer and nurturer of the soul. Entering  this beginning point of the 1400-mile Buckeye Trail at Deer Lick Cave reminds me that my spirit guides are with me.  I begin at the cave where the bear resides in the womb of the earth. this is where the healing powers of the bear come from. I am spiraling to a new level along with the Earth Mother. In the year 2001 I was in Wolf Creek located in Montana's Grand Canyon area.There I planted a physical seed representing my intention to follow the call from my spirit guides, letting them lead the way to my spiritual purpose in life. I planted the seed in the bottom of a cave where a 10,000 year old buffalo skull and a rock with a petroglyph of a buffalo on one side and a bear on the other was found on an altar  in the depths of the cave. There in the recesses of an echoing cave, I spoke my spirit name: Sunbreeze, Medicine Bear.  (to be continued)

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