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Yoga and the Chakra System


The origin of yoga and the earliest mention of the chakras go back to the writing of the Vedas which means knowledge. Chakras are centers of consciousness. The word "chakra" means wheel. These wheels or vortex exist within our subtle body interpenetrating the spine at 7 areas. These wheels of energy spin in opposite directions creating a spiraling effect in our body. Each chakra interacts with each other to create balance in the system. If there are areas of resistance it creates disharmony which can cause emotional, mental, or physical problems. This knowledge as been known for thousands of years, but now we have the technology that proves this system exists. The chakras can be measured as electromagnetic force fields within and around all living creatures through Kirlian photography. The ancients called this energy our aura. Our bodies are made up of electrons, protons, neutrons, and all kind of atomic particles that build molecules, which are then energized through energy channels that flow in from the universe. We interact through this flow of energy with our spirits, our higher self, our soul, with the earth and with others.

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